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Colloidal Silver Dosage (UK)



We have been​ contacted by the "Trading Standards and Environmental Health" department that notified us regarding the legislation surrounding colloidal silver and updated this page accordingly.

Colloidal silver is not considered a dietary supplement as it does not appear in the EU list of minerals in the food supplementation legislation (2002/46/EC) : no health claims can be made regarding colloidal silver. Though, the sale of colloidal silver in the EU is not permitted as a dietary supplement, it is authorized as a cosmetic product.

A little bit of history : Colloidal silver was considered a dietary supplement until 2009, year when the EU enforced a new legislation regarding dietary supplements (2002/46/EC) : On this year, many products, including colloidal silver, lost their derogatory status as a dietary supplement due to lack of scientific data sent by the manufacturers. In order to continue to sell colloidal silver, colloidal silver manufacturers registered the product as a cosmetic product (and not as a dietary supplement), which is why ingestion is not authorized : indeed, who will drink a cosmetic product ?

Please note that colloidal silver has not changed in terms of formulation, nor in fabrication method since then. 

For our USA customers, please visit this page for dosage instructions.

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